Set period in report cumtomers statements

When I set a period for statements in Reports/Customer Statements I get the following message: "19 rows hidden because they don’t contain CUM . I want all rows to be visible for CUM.

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You have not described your situation accurately. The message you see does not result from setting the period. Nor is it visible while setting the period. It results from having used the Search function with the criterion “CUM” while viewing the list of available statements.

Click the Undo link in the yellow notice to see all rows.

Tut, yes I set the period from 01/1/2019 to 31/1/2019 and then use the Search function for “CUM”. It only gives me 26, while the total statements for that period is actually 34. Why is that?

Based on your description, you are trying to look at customer statements of the transactions type. When you set the date range, you limit the list to those customers with transactions during the period, not all customers. Then, when you search for “CUM,” you are searching only what shows on the screen that contains the string “CUM.” There is no reason to expect the number of records returned will match anything else. See

Can you provide an example of something you believe should be returned by the search that is not? If so, post screen shots to illustrate.

Thanks for - it solved the problem for me!