Server table view line highlight

When I was using the desktop manager version, I noticed when editing or viewing entries, going back to the table view showed the edit or view button in a different shade making it easy to see which line you were on after exiting edit/view model.

This does not happen in Server edition. Would it be possible to highlight the line just viewed in a different colour to make it easy to see where you are in table view. If you are viewing a number of transactions to find a specific entry, this would make it a lot easier. I have found this to be a noticeable issue that I did not have with the desktop version.

Failing that, introducing a back, next transaction feature would solve this problem!

This is not a feature of the program. It may have been a side effect of your operating system.

There already is a Back feature in all editions. As for a “Next” feature, search the forum. The reasons this is impractical have been discussed at length.

I can’t comment on whether it was a feature of the program or not. I assumed it was a feature of the program.

Yes I use the back button, but I was not talking about the back button in this context obviously. Use the terms previous, next if you will.

No I am aware of the previous requests for a previous, next buttons in various forums and that you alone have repeatedly said it can’t be done despite the fact that many other programs seem to be able to do just that. Other programs I use seem to have no problems with a previous, next concept.

Whether the line view is highlighted or a previous, next button is implemented or both options I am not too concerned about. The issue is making it easier for people to review a list of transactions when they are looking for something as currently I find it harder to see which transaction I exited from before looking at the next transaction.

The fact that this request keeps coming up repeatedly is clear evidence that the feature is required by many different users, and given that other programs seem to be able to implement a previous, next button without any issues demonstrates that it can indeed be done whether you are viewing a filtered view, complete list etc.

Anyway I have put it up in the forum for the developer to consider. Thank you.

Other programs are written for a single operating system and/or implement the function purely within the application. Manager shares neither limitation, and for the server and cloud editions does not limit which browsers can be used. That is a very important difference from all your other applications.

As a single example, Microsoft Word—the most widely distributed word processing application in the world—for Windows and Mac are two completely different programs, with different interfaces and features. Microsoft cannot even make their output files totally compatible across platforms, let alone make a single application function on both operating systems, or even duplicate all functional features by resorting to different methods.

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