Server Edition questions: trial limits, Nginx, Whitelabelling

A couple question about Manager Server Edition:

What limits are placed on the Server Edition trial?

You suggest to use Caddy to secure a connection to the server with SSL. Does any Manager installation do this with Nginx? You don’t seem to have a relevant doc on the usage of Nginx.

Assuming I like Server Edition, can it be White-labeled?

Thanks in advance!

No limits other than message at the top of the screen prompting purchase.

Caddy is the easiest but you can absolutely use Nginx or any web-server in front of Manager Server. The keyword you are looking for is SSL Termination so for Nginx just search for Nginx SSL Termination

Server edition has no branding. For example, Support tab can be removed from server edition by deleting Support.html from installation directory. Or you can replace the content of html file with your own and have your content under Support tab.