Server Access

Hey guys.

I’m VERY non-technical.
I purchased the Manager IO server edition for my company.
We have since moved office and the entire team got new computers. The server however is still the same.

How do I re-install manager for everyone who had it before and add new users?

I also want to know if it’s at all possible to give access to my Accountant who is offsite.


If you have server edition you should just connect via a browser to the same IP used before, assuming your users are on the IP range.
Ex. Normally a server will be configured with a static IP address, Mask and gateway. If this IP is not in the same range as your users and there is no router that knows of these different networks, you will not be able to access the server from a user PC.
Did you change your ISP or “internet access” equipment\provider? - If you did this might be your issue. Just ask your ISP to configure the IP range the same as your Server IP range and exclude the server IP from DHCP.

Do you maybe have cloud edition? If you have cloud edition you should be able to access your url same as before from any PC as long as you have internet access.