Separator in lines items in vouchers

I introduced a new client to Manager yesterday he has many feature requests but I would like to first talk about putting a separator between line items in creating vouchers.

They were using excel to issue invoice and they separate their line items into sub totals and also give each group a name.
They said it important for their clients to see.

I therefore request for a separator which will bring a sub total and hopefully a title for the separator so that all items under that separator could be considered as a group line items.

Separator lines can be added via custom themes.

As for labels, there is no data structure or label by which to group or name them. Nor can there be any subtotal, because only a subtotal for the entire invoice is calculated.

A title or label for the group of line items could be added as a comment line at the start rather then with the sub-total.


Thank you

how can i add this feature on custom theme?

You would need to hire a programmer. It is not a trivial programming job. It involves

  • Determining what you really want (Program specification)

  • Labelling items to create the logical groups

  • Coding the theme to detect the grouping, inserting delimiters (and possibly subtotals as required).

  • Costing your initial requirements and modifying the program specifications if required