Selling 1 Product @ 2 different prices

how I can sell the same product to 2 different customers at 2 different prices

for example, if I am selling iPhone
For customer A it will be @ 500 $
For customer B it will be @ 550 $

how I can create Sales Invoice Items with different prices ?

The way to do this is to create different product codes. So customers on Level A would get 120045A and customers on level B would have a product code 120045B. If you are buying a physical product and selling that product, I would use inventory not sales invoice items as inventory provides more functionality.

Create two sales invoice items with different prices. If you are selling inventory item, then you can link both sales invoice items with inventory item.

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OMG. I did not know that you could link sales invoice items to inventory! That is actually a very good idea if you want to sell same product at different prices but use one inventory item! Very nice feature! :grinning: