Selecting more than one invoice in Credit/Debit Notes

@lubos please consider adding ability to select more than one invoice in a Credit or Debit note.

it is very common to issue credit notes or debit notes for more than one sales/purchase invoices. not selecting any invoice and letting the program automatically allocate the credit/debit causes issues in wrongly allocating it to the invoices we need to make payment or receive payment against.

it may also be noted that there are scenarios where credit/debit are only partially applicable to invoices. so the user would need the choice to manually allocate how much applies to which invoice.


You have my vote.

This is a great idea in itself and on top of that, this will pave the way to improvements the matching between different types of transactions since this will difinetly require a matching table of some sort.

If I may add, if it it is possible to extend this to enable matching of credit notes/debit notes against receipts/payments which is very handy.

This is not possible, because receipts and payments are not associated with customers’ and suppliers’ accounts. There is already an idea suggesting that.