Searching by 2 words

Can we search by 2 criteria IE Suspense, Tools

Yes and no. You can enter multiple search strings into the Search field. The program will return every record on the screen that contains all those things. For example:

  • Enter “2016 well” in the sales invoice tab listing
  • Program returns all records that include the year 2016 and the customer, Wellington Importadora
  • But the program would also return a sales invoice for Wellker Industries in the amount of 12016.33

In your example, any transaction in the Suspense account doesn’t need to be searched for. It is already there if you drill down on the Suspense balance.

All this is explained in the Guide: Search for records | Manager.

Thanks for the guide link will take a look. I was in the find and recode and wanted to search by suspense and and then anything with zeed in it

The guide explained it nicely I did look through the guide but did not look in the right place or under the right heading. So Thank you @Tut