Screws, bolts small bulk items

Hi fit tow bars and accessories for commercial vehicles and I’m putting the big items through on the sales invoice eg tow bars, roof bars but I have to use screws bolts and electrical bits but don’t want it to show on the sales invoice but would like to show on my accounts. Hopefully you can help me.

When you say “would like to show on my accounts” do you mean as inventory/stock or as expenses.

Generally when you purchase these small bulk items, you would expense them without using Inventory. Who wants to count them for a stock take ?? You could create accounts to be inclusive (bolts & electrical) or separate them out individually.

For your sale invoices, you can either include them as part of your mark up on the big items. If the tow bar cost 100 and you use 5 in parts and have a 20% mark up then do the mark up on 105, or create under Setting - Sales Invoice Items - a item called Fixing & Electrical Components and nominate an amount (say 10) which you add to every invoice.

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