Sales Tax Sort Order

I have many sales tax codes entered, and they are not listed in alphabetical order. How do you sort them alphabetically?

If you are referring to individual components of a combined tax code, such as a multi-jurisdictional sales tax, so far as I know, they will appear in the order you entered them. To change that, go to Settings > Tax Codes and edit the code involved. You can delete individual components, but a new or replacement component will appear at the end of the list.

How do we sibmit enhancement requests?

Via this forum. @lubos seems to decide what to add based on the volume of interest. He typically has not added features unless someone demonstrates a valid use case or there is a lot of interest.

Tax codes on data-entry screens are sorted by tax rate. Any reason you prefer alphabetical order?

i would make sense to have those information related the number of time they have been used (most commonly used to the least used)- regardless as per when they have been created. Mine recently changed and I am not sure why - I use a standard VAT most of the time and it has moved almost to the last on my drop down list. That does not make any sense…

And same should apply to themes as well

Sorting based on frequency of use could result in changes in order without apparent reason to the user. Who keeps track of how many times they use a tax code? If your codes changed order, one of three things happened: either you added or inactivated a code, changed the name of a custom code, or the program implemented a new sort routine.

If you want to control the presentation order of custom themes, give them names accordingly. They are sorted in alphabetical order. You can add numbers to the beginning of the names, too. Just be aware numbers sort alphabetically, not numerically. (11 will come before 2.) That shouldn’t be a problem unless a business has lots of custom themes.