Sales Quote Revisions

Hi, Is it possible to create Revisions of the same Sales Quote? As We need to send revised quote to the client offering discounts after negotiations. Please advise.

You can click Clone button when viewing sales quote. This will create a copy of original quote.

Yes, It doesn’t create revision, it creates new sales quote with continuous serial number. But can it automatically save as Revision 1 or say REV1, if desired, and linked together, so that we know what we’ve quoted previously for the same project/client.

I see. That’s not possible then. In future, you will be able to create projects (or whatever it will be called) and then group related documents together so you can get view by project.

Right now, you can only create custom field under Settings tab. This could allow you to enter revision number on sales quote if you like to do that.

Ok. Thanks.