Sales invoice tab - invoice total should be gross invoice amount

I can’t disagree, but other users expect the total of invoices to match the receivable amount. I don’t think it’s possible to reconcile these two expectations.

Introducing more columns to the Sales Invoices tab isn’t a good solution. It becomes distracting and too overloaded to be useful.

We might disagree on what constitutes a proper value for the invoice but I think we can all agree that the invoices tab isn’t a report; it’s a data view of all invoices.

Trying to get each and every possible piece of information out of a single data view will only serve to ruin it.

As my friend @Tut already advised at the beginning of this thread

Maybe there should be a report to show the breakdown of invoices in multiple columns to show sales, withholding tax … whatever, but that’s not the Sales Invoices tab.

I agree with the OP. The WHT amount should be treated exactly the same as a part payment by the customer.

Inclusion, by the supplier, of a WHT amount on the invoice is saying to the customer that in payment of this invoice you must pay the Tax department the amount of WHT and then pay me, the supplier, the remainder.

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I do not agree. The inclusion of any tax aspect on a sales invoice involves a third party—the government. That is true whether it is an increase for a tax assessed or a reduction for a tax withheld. The question is what obligation the sales invoice creates for the customer to pay to you.

I have never said it is. It is a reduction of the receivable.

I disagree again. The sales order is often a purely internal document. But again, we descend into semantic differences and speculation about users’ expectations.

That is definitely true.

I agree.

I am not sure which other person you are agreeing with, @AJD. I do not think there is any dispute over the meaning of withholding tax shown on a sales invoice. I think the differences of opinion are about how the resulting information is displayed and labeled in the Sales Invoices tab list.

OP = Original Poster

Display in the Sales Invoice tab list recognizing the WHT as a part payment.

@AJD, OP is often used online to indicate Other Person, not exclusively Original Poster. That was why I was uncertain.

That is why I find it difficult to understand why it being deducted from sales in the listing and not in the PL. As @AJD said, WHT is part payment, the only difference is that it is received as tax credit, it not to be netted off from the sales invoice face value in the tabs.

Where exactly is it deducted from sales?

By who and to who?

Check the first post. The place highlighted red. The “Invoice Total” is sales less withholding tax. The same amount is called balance due on the invoice.

It part payment from the customer to the supplier. Only difference is that, the amount is deposited with the government and used as advance payment of tax by the supplier (tax on account)

I agree with @applet and @Abeiku

Withholding tax does not change invoice total. It changes balance due on invoice only.