Sales invoice sorting issue

sales invoice …sorting issue
status unpaid invoice first sorting then paid …please solve this issue

This post has nothing to do with the topic - it should be in its own topic and more information should be supplied - such as edition and version of Manager

@hussainiii, your post was moved to a new topic because it was unrelated to the one where you posted it.

This is not an “issue.” This is the purposeful design of the program, to focus attention on sales invoices requiring the most urgent action with customers. If you want to sort by some other parameter, click that heading in the Sales Invoices tab listing.

@Tut is there a way to set your preference of how you want it sorted in the status column?

@durkpotgieter not at the moment but I’m planning to add ability to create “predefined” views. Then it will be easy to switch between them.

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