Sales Invoice / Purchase Invoice not accepting inputs

Unable to enter dollar values in these screens, a box around the $value in Unit Price goes Red. When you create the invoice the dollar value reverts to Zero ???

What version number? Can you post a screen shot of the Edit screen of such an invoice with the red outline showing?

I just downloaded a new version 20.6.30

Update again. The version is now 20.6.32, on which I cannot duplicate what you describe. I bypassed 20.6.30, but that particular version was intended to fix a problem with number formats. It may have had a problem itself. The very quickly released further updates may have corrected your problem.

I have just loaded 20.6.32 and the same problem is occurring.

Do you have a base currency set? And is this supplier denominated in it? If so, post a screen shot of the Edit screen of the base currency from Settings. If the supplier is denominated in a foreign currency, post its Edit screen.

I have never touched or changed currency settings, just using $AUD.

This is also happening in Sales Invoices see screenshot

Working on the fix.

Version 20.6.34 is fixing this. Sorry about that.

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Hi Lubos / Tut,
thanks for the amazing service.
Problem fixed all is good.