Sales Invoice // Missing VAT Rate

Hi there

I am hoping you can tell me what I have done wrong with my Sales Invoice custom theme.

Each of the three items in the invoice below are to have VAT applied at 20%. I am expecting the VAT rate to come through for each item, but as you can see from the screenshot above, this is not happening.

Any guidance upon what I am doing wrong/what configuration setting I need to make will be gratefully received.

many thanks


This is not a coding forum. Users are responsible for performance of their own custom themes.

Correction - When all lines have the same tax rate (not tax inclusive), then the tax rate is not included with the line item. If the line items have different tax rates (including zero rate) then the applicable rates are shown as per line item.

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This only happens for jurisdictions where the Tax Invoice heading is known to be a requirement, not for all tax codes.