Sales Invoice from Billable Time

Hi all,

From I’m using ’ Billable Time’ to keep track of actions/time I’ve used on the job. Afterwards I send this data to an invoice. Everything in a happy flow, works like a charm. See underneath example:

However, when I want to add a line after the invoice is created -like coulance or whatsoever- all hours are being written out, except the ‘Coulance’ part. So the layout suddenly changes. What I’m I doing wrong? See example:

Just for to be sure, I updated to version 19.5.13 (Windows).

Second, instead of filling in all ‘Billable Time’ in the Desktop application of, will there be a Mobile version in the near future? Will that work together with the Desktop application?

Thanks in advance,

You are not doing anything wrong. When units of measure all all the same, Manager labels the Qty column with the unit of measure, but not individual lines to reduce clutter. When different units of measure are used, the program labels the column as Qty and includes the unit of measure for every line. Your “Coulance” entry does not have a unit of measure, but counts as being different from Hours.

As for a mobile version, development plans are not announced in advance. But, if you use the cloud edition, you can access Manager from any internet-connected device.