Sales Invoice Batch Create issue

Hi All,

On version18.12.15, I tried out the Batch-Create function to create some Sales-Invoices, with AutomaticReference set to TRUE.

The invoices were created fine, except that the Invoice (Reference) Numbers were not added in, as I expected to happen. If a newly created invoice is then opened for editing, the Invoice-Number “Automatic” tick-box is seen to be pre-checked and then doing an “Update”, does result in the invoice number being added in. Is this a bug?

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No. The sequencing process requires searching for the highest existing reference. During batch creation that cannot happen simultaneously on many records at once. Everything would be assigned the same number.

But you could use batch update to add sequential numbers in your spreadsheet.

Thanks for the reply Tut,

Makes sense.

I think I’ll just generate the invoices in the spreadsheet before running Batch Create.