Sales invoice adjustment

I provide services to clients, my issues are that

  1. on sale invoice i want when i click service it open a a drop-down of services provide by me, when i click any services its amount in dollars appear automatic and it convert it to PKR for billing (as per conversion rate provide by me).

  2. recurring of invoice?
    I don’t have have which you mention in your post
    1.) Go to Settings tab.
    2.) Click Customize button (not “Custom fields”)
    3.) Tick Recurring Sales Invoices and click Update button at the bottom

  1. Not sure what you mean by that.
  2. Recurring sales invoices module will be visible under Settings tab when you enable Sales Invoices tab which it appears you already did.

what i meant is that in sale and purchase invoice amount to appears in two currencies dollars and in Rs. (in Rs. as per conversation rate)