Sales and Purchase Invoice Pulling wrong fields

As requested, I am splitting the Manager Workflow Consistency items into separate topics spaced out over a period of time and in order of urgency.

Sales Invoice appears to be pulling code field from Inventory Items which is correct. However its pulling the Name field from Sales Invoice Items which is wrong. So the information looks different from Quote and Sales Orders which pull everything from Code field.

Purchase Invoices however seem to be pulling nothing in the code field for Purchase Invoice Items. I am not seeing my purchase invoice item codes on the purchase invoice form.

I am not sure why this is happening, because I was under the impression that the second most recent update had changed Manager to make it pull from the code fields for Purchase and Sales Invoice Items.

I have had a chance to have a look at this properly.

Sales Invoices are pulling the content from the name column instead of the code column!

Ignore what I said about Purchase Orders and Purchase Invoices. The problem turned out to be with copying from sales quote to purchase order and I did not realise I was pulling info from sales invoice items instead of purchase invoice items!

So only issue is sales invoice form is pulling content from name column instead of code column.

I’m not able to reproduce this issue. Could it be that you are using custom HTML template for your invoices? In that case, custom HTML template will show whatever you will tell it show.

So try to reproduce this issue without using custom HTML template.

You are a very clever man! I never even thought of that as being the cause! You are correct - it is the custom HTML template!

I have decided to delete the custom template as the main reason that I created it was to use background colours for the header column and things like that. However because of the issues with “printing to pdf” for windows I have never been able to take advantage of the functionality of the custom template, so I may as well delete it, especially as using the custom template is only going to create further problems like this down the line.

When the print to pdf issue is fixed and once Manager has a kind of WYSIWYG functionality for moving Logo to left or right and making text bold or change colour as well as background colours for header rows etc, I will move to using that. Most people won’t need extensive modifications to the sales invoice template, so I suspect that a simple WYSIWYG editor should more than suffice. You could integrate something like CKeditor for customising the layout and background colours which is pretty much what most people want.