Sale invoice import from Excel

Is there any way we can import excel sale invoice directly into the M-manager

Well, probably the easiest way is to use Batch Create function but the feature is not polished for importing sales invoices. The reason is that for many columns, you need to use GUID identifier instead of just name. This makes it cumbersome.


We are provide service to customer where there is start and End Time column need in the invoice how can I add

Have you tried “Custom Fields” described in guides

Yes, but the result is not same the way I want.
My requirement is raise an invoice for an emp who did work .
I need field: Name location date start end total time rate instead of description Qty and unit price

Have you looked at the guide on Accounts Receivable, Billable Time

I just tried Billable time all works but still I need three extra column to show up in the invoice location, start time and end time

Did you follow Add billable time details with custom fields guide

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Custom fields for Billable Time do not show up on sales invoices. But you can put that information in the Description field of the Billable Time entry. Then, you will not need custom fields.

The other way to do this is to use line item custom fields. However, content for those fields will not be picked up from a Billable Time entry. It will have to be manually entered for every line. See