Running Manager on a FreeBSD server

Hi folks,

After trying Manager desktop edition I’m trying to setup a self-hosted Manager instance on a 64-Bit FreeBSD 11.0 server. Mono is running fine on that server. However, once I start-up the ManagerServer instance I get the following message:

The type initializer for 'SQLite.SQLiteConnection' threw an exception. (TypeInitializationException)

Using the forum search I found out that there has been an issue with the binaries in the latest version(s) of Manager. Apparently all the work-arounds are designed for Ubuntu only.
Can you guys tell me what I need to do in order to get this up and running on a FreeBSD machine? I get this issue no matter whether I have the SQLite 2 and/or SQLite 3 packages of FreeBSD installed.

I’m running Manager 16.12.32 and Mono 4.4.2.

You would need to compile SQLite3 yourself on FreeBSD and then place it into program directory. And even then not sure if it would work out of the box as SQLitePCL.raw library Manager is using might not be supported on FreeBSD at all.

Here is how you’d do it on Linux, first you would download sqlite3.c

And then compile it with command:


This would give you which you’d place into program directory. But this is for Linux. Not sure about BSD at all.

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Thank you very much for your quick reply.
I can confirm that that’s working well on my FreeBSD 11.0 64-Bit installation with GCC 4.8.5.

I assume that future versions of Manager will not require this “workaround” and come with the correct shared libraries by default?

Thanks for your help, much appreciated!

Yeah, when BSD is properly supported. Right now, I need to make it so the program works well on Ubuntu and Fedora. Then I will probably look at other operating systems.

But it’s good to know you were able to make Manager work on FreeBSD too. I thought it was a long shot.

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So at least this means that I will be able to run any future version of Manager using the same workaround?

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to test for you. I’m happy to help wherever I can.

Yes, you don’t have to compile new SQLite3 during every upgrade though. The one you have already compiled will probably work for long time.

That’s good to know. Time to purchase a license I guess :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your support. Keep up the great work!

I’m trying to implement Manager on my FreeBSD server but get stuck at the same place Joel was at. I also don’t know how to get the compile command to work.

Has anyone else got this to work? Or is there anyone out there that can give me some more tips on how to get this to work? Has there been any progress in getting BSD properly supported?