RTL support is a Must

@Tut just if you swapped to ARABIC and edited any of invoices or records you will see what I meant. my abbreviation was very clear. display screen fit of edit all invoices,Journal Entry, receipt and credit notes. ( desktop and server edition ) Mac OS

@maldroubi, please do not ask other forum members or moderators to do your work for you. You are the one (the only one) reporting a problem, so it is your responsibility to illustrate it.

@Tut it was only note, its not a problem for me I used eng. (no need all that drama )

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@maldroubi I can’t reproduce this issue. When I switch to Arabic, it looks correct to me. Someone will need to demonstrate with the screenshot. Maybe I’m missing something.

I have tried Google Chrome and mozilla firefox it seems to me ok. in some tabs because of the no of fields we have to move to the left side to fill other information which is ok

I have tried my phone apple using safari we can’t scroll to left or right the page will be freeze as it is. scrolling up and down ok but right and let it is not. with English no issues.

@lubos I attached 3 screen shoot for sales invoice , credit note and journal entry
all three it show only right scrolling bar (up&down) no left & right one. it impossible to control the edit entry ( this problem only in right language options ) .

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I can reproduce this on a Mac with any of the right-to-left languages, but I don’t know whether it has anything to do with Manager or is something to do with the operating system. The behavior appears to be related to the operating system’s perception of where the origin of the page display is.

When the pdf generator will work fine with RTL languages? for now, I use the print option and use the pdf printer but the behavior is not constant.

It already works properly. Have you tried the latest version?

I use manager since 2017 with Arabic interface from left to right .
This update make me Confused

I used the latest version, check the screenshots -there is a missing border on the right side- the issue is when there are numbers and letters, usually this happened from the paragraph direction. Also, the font is not very clear (Arial should be fine):

Application view:

PDF file:

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in the last few versions, in Hebrew, when trying to print, part of the page is not printed, and the document looks stretched


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What paper size is set under Email Settings? And is this a custom theme?

Hi, i use A4 paper size in email settings, and in printing too. yes, this is a smooth Grey custom theme.

Did you customize the theme? Or is this the built-in Smooth Grey theme? And does the same thing happen with the default, Plain, theme? How about other built-in themes?

Thanks, I will check.

Please delete personal signature data when responding by email. I have edited your last post to remove it.

Hi Tut,
just tested with the latest version, with or without custom them, no change.
the last version that perform as it should, is 20.2.64.
i have tested almost any version sins 20.2.64, no luck.
pleas help. tnx.

@tsvikab, I have joined your topic with an existing bug. I can reproduce this problem on a Mac using the Print button. When trying the PDF button, I get a freeze and this error:

I will invite @lubos to elevate this for attention. Everything mentioned in both threads seems related, and worse on Macs.

@tsvikab, I communicated with @lubos. He told me this a bug limited to Macs.