Rounding on receipts

When we record receipts from our shop we sometimes have a need for rounding as we sell certain items by weight.

Is there a recommended way of accomplishing this?

Right now there’s no rounding for receipts, but you can still do the rounding adjustment in the lines.

@Ealfardan so I would need to change my price so the total is correct?

That would also work. But what I would do is insert a new line, take the fractions 0.15 and either subtract them in a new line to round down or put 1-0.15 in the price to round up.

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@Ealfardan Ok, which account should the rounding be done under?

The same as the item being sold, as you are selling it for a slightly lower price. The overall effect is the same as altering the unit price or just entering the full amount

@Patch Like this?

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@Patch Does the “like” mean “yes”? :smiley:

Yes if you look at “F-MP-CL-Cocconut & lime Soap per weight” inventory it will show sales of 32.15 and -0.15 so a net sale of 32.00

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@Patch @Ealfardan Thank you so much for the explanation! :pray:t2:

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