Return a complete order


today i found a missing option(?), i have a 99% order that i need to return back (supplier fault), the way is delete the invoice?
the main problem is where i can put the freight-in cost?(they will have to refund it)


You don’t necessarily have to. Lets say your Purchase Invoice is this with freight-in

The freight-in has adjusted the inventories average cost as follows

Therefore if you create the Debit Note using the average cost value it adds to the original invoice.

So the freight in is being refunded. With most occasion however, freight is not refunded.

nowadays, average cost is not clickable, so not very useful. i can’t make a return based on “average” price, have to be exact.
I have to return 15 articles, it’s not that easy to see all the prices before i do a debit note.
Manager should have one “copy to debit note” option.