Restricting user access to specific Customer Statements

Is there a way to restrict a users access to his particular statement rather than all customer statements. I would like my customers to log in online and view only their specific statements

No, this is not yet possible.

this is a very good feature. In the meantime that this is not yet possible, is there way to give restricted user access to view only… they cannot edit or delete or download any file… just view only access…

If you are using the Server or Cloud edition, Yes
Go to the Guides or search the forum

Was this feature finally implemented. I’m having a challenge sending out statements to customers individually esp with email spam controls. It would be awesome if the customers could just login and access their particular statements.

Not yet.

This question was first raised 6 years ago. The proposed feature would be extremely useful. Is anything being done to implement it? Is the database schema published to allow user-developed apps?

However Manager does support extensive customisation for those with the skills (or financial resources to buy local expertise). See Is Manager Software Open Source? - #2 by Patch