Dear All

I hope you are doing well

Thank you for your support and i really appreciate your hardworking on manager improvement

I have some ideas on mind regarding our business in some case we request import permission as service from ministry so I tried to register it in the suppliers list and success to write all information and i have focus two main problem when i made custom field it comes correct but when i made footer i cant see them in desktop edition so if also footer can be moved under supplier details could be also better or make it either in top or bottom to be selected

thanks again

Can you please explain what you mean by this?

What did you try to register?

Footers can only be specified for transaction forms. Suppliers are not transactions. If you want to record information about your suppliers, use custom fields.

Also, please edit the subject of this thread. “Request” tells us nothing about your interest. The subject should tell us what your post is about. As evidence, consider that it took over 12 hours for any forum member or moderator (me) to respond. Typical first responses over the past 30 days have taken less than a minute. No one will be eager to read a topic labelled “Request.”