Request - Resolution Scale

Can you add a “Resolution scale” setting to the Preferences section? I tried to explain my idea in the attached picture. With this setting, it is possible to easily change the font size in the interface.

This would not be as easy as you may think, considering that Manager works across multiple operating systems and (for server and cloud editions) via many different web browsers. Methods for controlling screen resolution are not universal. And, because it is an accounting application involving many displays of data in columns, layout is closely tied to font size.

Thanks. I understand. This app is a webview app, I think. So, can only the desktop version have Zoom in Zoom out options? Looks like:

The desktop edition also operates as a browser. It browses on your own machine instead of an external server.

I found a solution for myself. After running the program, I opened Safari and entered the following address:
And finally I can zoom in and zoom out the way I want.

Or click on a link in Manager and choose open in another window