Request - default notes on payslips

Is there any possibility to add ‘set default’ to Notes section of payslip?
Use case: We have 4 standard Allowances paid weekly which are included in the hourly rate.
Hourly Rate $30* x 38 hours = $1140

Industry Allowance $28.30 per week
Tool Allowance $18.31 per week

It would save having to type it out each week.

Are those things also your employee’s earning…? if they are…, just simply put it on pay slip at next line of earning…

Hi @wawan, Thank you for your response.
That works except for the 0.00 at line end. (The allowances are included in the hourly rate so we don’t want them as a separate line item with an amount in the total column) See screen shot. Being able to set default notes or removing the 0.00 in total column if there is no quantity or rate given would be ideal. Thanks again.

Notes column on payslips will be eventually removed since custom fields will be able to provide same functionality and in more customizable way.

For the time being, I’ve improved payslip so 0.00 amount won’t be shown on line items. Check the latest version.

Thank you @Lubos. That’s fantastic.