Request bank import dot-comma autocorrect or warning

I import bank statements from two different banks. Trouble is that one uses the format $123,456.78 and the other $123.456,78. Now I normally use the ‘US’ system ($123,456.78) and this works really good. However, for the other account all values are multiplied by 100 and everything is wrecked.
I would say the solution is rather easy: could Manager give a warning if importing values that seem to have the wrong numbering format? (i.e. if it detects $123,45 dont assume this is probably $12345.00, but issue a warning during the import process. Even better would be to click a “use this value format: $123,45 or $123.45 ”). From my naive point of view the check sounds simple, and it would save me a lot of time.

Alternatively, why not add a preview of the actual mutations during import? Now it only indicates the number of statements that will be imported, but if you accidentally import the wrong qif into the wrong bank account you have a problem. A preview will at least give some extra check and may be relatively easy to implement.

When it comes to different number formats, the workaround is to change number format under Preferences when importing bank statement in different format.

You still have to be careful during bank statement import though. I want to implement ability to undo imports as this where most users get often burnt. For the time being, make sure you click Backup button before import so you can restore from backup and go back in time if necessary.

Ability to preview bank statement before actual import is a good idea.

thanks, undo would probably work better than my suggestion :smile: