Reports - Alignment Adjusting

Have noticed that the business address on certain reports, like Remittance Advice, the business address is mis aligned due to tab settings. The alloted area is too small and thus the business address takes few rows extra to accommodate. Is there a way, we can adjust the tab settings on these reports?

I’m working on ability to save PDF documents within Manager without relying on 3rd party tools. Part of this work includes making all printable content consistent so if business address field is too narrow on that one single document, it will be fixed in 1-2 weeks anyway.

@lubos Is there a way you can realign the following documents for the time being until the self printing capability is in place? This applies to the header part which contains the date/reference part and the company address.

  1. Expense Claim
  2. Sales Order
  3. Remittance Advice

If you can follow the same alignment as in Sales Quote/Purchase Order/Sales Invoice, it would be great and this could save space as well.