Reporting problem

I am running a promotion for one month and I want to be able to to calculate
total purchase of each customer for the month so that I can select a winner. How do I go about it please

Create a Sales Invoice Totals by Customer report for the month.

I record daily sales under receipt & payment and enteries are many. Is there no other way around it

What does this have to do with purchase totals? If this is a new question, start a new topic, please.

I think you will find it means they are not using invoicing but are using ‘Receipts and Payments’…
A lot of users do that.

If that what @Lihat1 means, there are no reports for payers. But you could sort the Receipts & Payments tab by Contact. Then export to a spreadsheet and generate subtotals.

Depending on where receipts are posted, a custom report might be possible.

Assuming you are talking about inventory, are you referring to all inventory items or just one or some inventory items.

If you are referring to all inventory items then you could temporarily edit the Summary tab dates to equal the month, then the related P&L account could be exported.

If is only one or few items, you could temporarily edit their income account: