Report Transformations - No-code development platform

  • Go to Reports → Profit and Loss Statement → New Report
  • Set title to something like “Profit and Loss Statement - BAS 2020 / 2021”
  • Set Description to something like “BAS 2020 / 2021”
  • Create a column for each quarter, with a column names “BAS Q1”, “BAS Q2”, “BAS Q3”, “BAS Q4”
  • Set the From & to date for each BAS quarter
  • Set the Accounting method based on how you submit your records to the ATO
  • At the start of each financial year clone this report and update the final year digit by 1 for each date.

When doing you BAS view this report.

  • Your profit / loss for the quarter will be listed at the bottom. If you have more complicated accounts such as a sole trader with some no tax deductible items recorded in Manager or a business with income tax allowance then you would have created a “Taxable income” total and you would use that instead.

  • Multiple this figure by 30% to get your PAYG tax withheld

By the way, when looking at your annual tax return to the ATO

  • Go to Reports → Profit and Loss Statement → New Report
  • Create a report identical to above except enter financial years for each comparator period

May I suggest to take inspiration from Matabase? It has a very simple no-code interface that can be turned in a low-code interface if needed.

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For me code is absolutely necessary. No code environment only works when you have some control over the structure of the data. But when you don’t, code can easily compensate for that.

An interface like Metabase can replace both Custom Reports and Report Transformation.

Does what work, @annalivan? This topic has covered several related issues. You need to be specific on the forum.

Thanks @lubos for this new function. How we can type a plain text into fields just like built-in VAT Return Form?

@alosultan just start plain text with " character which will create text value. You can see plain text in autocomplete fields is wrapped in " character.

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Thanks :pray:

I would like to prepare a Report Transformation for the VAT Return of Trading Details report used in Ireland

As you can see, this report has 5 columns and a number of rows - the rows represent different rates of VAT (Exempt, 0% Export, 0% Home,4.8, 5.6, 9, 13.5, 21, 23, …)

Would it be possible to increase the Report Transformation Layout to from 3 columns to 5 columns?

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@Joe91 your requirements are a lot less compared to the requirements of users from India. we require a minimum of 11 to 12 columns even for monthly filing reports. have a look at an example below just for reporting the sales details.


Yes, we do not have to supply details of invoices - presumably we have a higher rate of tax compliance :slight_smile:

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