Report printing


Can someone help me in reporting print? here are the few reports which I need from Manager App.

  1. Custom report like by client, daily/monthly sale wise, by items, etc…
  2. Expense report (i have entered two months expenses entry in App but, I did not find any way to get report print for the last two months)
  3. I am running two different business and I want charge vehicle cost from both tracking code(A1 and B1) 50 50 and some time vehicle charge only (A1) on code. So i need how much system charge the amount from tracking code by A1 and B1

best regards

  1. Too vague a description of your needs to give a definite answer
  2. P & L ? General Ledger transactions? again, too vague a description to give an answer
  3. When you say “two different business” do you mean that you have set them up as two different businesses in Manager? If yes, then you have to enter the costs separately in each business. If they are divisions of a single business, then when you enter the costs you will have to manually put in the amounts to be associated with each tracking code. Manager cannot split them automatically

Relatively time intervals are not currently available in Manager. You can enter dates to select data for the last week or last month but will need to manually update them next week or month.