Rental residential home accounting template

Am new to Manager…looks really impressive! My needs are extra-simple: 20-30 Accounts, 20-40 Journal entries/year, cash basis acctg. Might someone have already made for themselves, a “template” that could be used/imported, from which my starting Balance Sheet can be “edited”/loaded, and a Chart of Accts be added-to??

I forgot to mention: The purpose is for a residential income property—single fam dwelling, and wanting a “template” that someone has used for that…

Charts of accounts cannot be imported. The only way to achieve what you want is to “restore” a backup file of a fully structured but completely empty business.

Thx for your inputs!

Start from scratch a new file and you will get a basic P&L and BS. Than you can change/add all your accounts.

Thanks, Davide, for your info! Much helpful!


You only use Journals for making adjustments, for the cash basis - activate the Cash Accounts tab and use the Receive Money & Spend Money buttons.

That seems to be a lot of accounts just for a residential rental.

These can be easily entered, when you create the BS account under Setting - Chart of Accounts