Renaming the Business Title

I’m just wondering how to rename the business name that appears on the Local Drive?

Believe it or not, this feature hasn’t been implemented yet.

Perhaps because there is a workaround. Simply rename the accounting file outside of Manager, that will do it.

Where can I find the “accounting file outside of Manger” so that I can rename it? I have tried various ways to search my computer and I have also looked through the Forum topics but canmnot find any information to help me with this. I have just downloaded the software today and am trying to set it up so I know very little right now. Thank you for your patient understanding and for pointing me to the file where I can chage my Business Name.

You’ll find the location of where your files are stored in the “About Manager” tab.

In the latest version (14.1.3), you can now rename the business by going to Settings tab, then Business Name

this is great! but i cant seem to update? everytime i click on ‘check for updates’ is says im up to date on version 13…

Same problem. Havent got updates in a month. Desktop version. New version on site is 14.1.10 i checked.

New versions no longer contain Check for Updates button. The reason is that many users are getting Manager from sources which have their own update mechanism (Ubuntu Software Center, Apple Store etc.)

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If you have older version, just download new version directly from even if the software says you are up to date. If you have been using Cloud storage go to for tutorial that will show you how to transfer your data from cloud to the latest version.