Removed "Form Defaults" from "Settings" tab

The latest version (22.8.22) is removing Form Defaults from Settings tab.

There is new Form Defaults button in bottom-right corner within individual tabs instead.


So if you want to set form defaults for Sales Invoices, go to Sales Invoices tab and click Form Defaults button there.


That is more user friendly.

I have one question though, can we still restrict access to form defaults?

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Not possible anymore. But the old implementation wasn’t that useful anyway because form defaults were “all or nothing”. So user who had access to form defaults was able to change form defaults to payslips even if they didn’t have access to payslip tab.

This new implementation means that if you are allowed to Update any (e.g.) receipt, you are also allowed to Update its form defaults.

Is it possible to make this button available to administrators only?

The reason being that most restricted users don’t pay attention to anything that exists by default, so any mistakes made in form defaults could mean persistent and systemic errors sent out to external parties.


Makes sense to have it there rather than settings - would be even better if the guide to form defaults also knew where to find it.

I agree with @Ealfardan but in addition restricting it to admin users only would also ensure that users with fewer permissions can not mess up the defaults by accident without the other users knowing. Form permissions remain a setting and yes it is admin friendly as it is more intuitive to set it for the form you use, but once set you usually would not alter it.

I would go along with both @Ealfardan & @eko that form default setting is a sensitive issue. It should not be made accessible to users just having access to the tab who may only have limited permission to “CREATE”. He can now play around with form default setting making a mess of entries until detected.

The form default is the setting to be decided by the managerial level and not user level. So, I think that old implementation in setting was a better option.

@lubos If you wish to keep the placement in each tab then please find a way to protect from easy access to users. Otherwise, the form default may be reverted back in setting.

@lubos is it possible to create multiple variants of form defaults?

like if i have 2 types of invoices products and services
i am using customs fields of TOC (terma and conditions) i want to set different TOC for both types of invoices.

currently i am using form default for TOC but i have to do some changes every-time based on invoice type.

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The new footers can be used for Terms and Conditions.

Set up a footer for each type of TandC’s and then it is just one click to select the appropriate TandC’s in each sales invoice

This is cool

What is not cool is that anyone can change the form defaults as reported in this discussion. It will cause lots of trouble and I urge this gets addressed asap by @Lubos. It is irresponsible that anyone can change form defaults, how will other staff that also have access know that it is not right what was done?


How can the loss of a security control can be cool? I can only define it as a damage.

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Form Defaults cannot be in Settings tab.

But User Permissions screen could be improved further to accommodate enable/disable switch for form default configuration. I will work on user permissions next month so I’ll keep this in mind. In the end, even if it feels like sometime we make tiny step backwards, in the end, there will be a step forward that will make the implementation better than it was before.


Hello, is it possible to use the form default to make global change to all exiting entry. for example I am trying to update all my inventory files to include Track quantity to receive, Track quantity to deliver, Autofill — Line description. I would like to have all the inventory items to have the above selected.
thank you in advance

You would need to use Batch Update, search the guides and the forum.

@lubos Yes, this a best workaround to let this “form defaults” be part of USER PERMISSION. This option makes sense and no security breach. This is what i would call “REALLY COOL”

Thanks and it worked fine.

This is a great development - distributing Form Defaults across all Tabs .

A gentle reminder of this as you work on user permissions. Kindly update us as soon as this improvement is done. Thank you.