Remove Purchase Orders from being affected by Lock Date

Is it possible to make it so Purchase Orders are not affected by Lock Dates as this doesn’t affect the month end figures anyway?

I am having to ask my boss to change the lock dates every time I want to delete the old Purchase Orders that have been delivered.

First, you cannot exclude any transaction type from a lock date.

Second, why would you want to delete a purchase order after the goods have been received? They are records of what you ordered, when, and from whom. If you want to know they have been fulfilled, add a custom field with status. This has been discussed many times in the forum. Search for the topics.

Hi Tut, Thank you for the response. I believe Sales Orders are not affected by the Lock Date? We are using the purchase orders solely in order to calculate how much raw material we need to order, not to actually send a purchase order to a supplier as we make everything in house. It is cleaner to delete them once we have fulfilled the orders. If you have any other suggestion in how to better to calculate this I would definitely welcome some ideas as this was just one hack I could think of.

The lock date has the same effect on everything.

I don’t see how a purchase order would help you calculate raw material requirements. They don’t have that capability. You need to determine how much material you will order before you can enter a purchase order.

The closest you can get to that in Manager would be with production orders, which could send inventory items into negative quantities, indicating how much had to be ordered to get back into positive territory.

Hi Tut, ah okay because I can delete sales orders that are made the same day as purchase orders which I can’t delete. Tried that today too for some reason the lock date doesn’t affect the Sales Orders.

I put in the raw metal weight of each item into the Purchase Price under our non-inventory items. And when I copy the Sales Order into a Purchase Order, this gives me a total weight of the items. It helps when I have a lot of items in one order.

We don’t keep track of inventory items as we don’t stock anything. We only manufacture to orders we receive. And I only need the weight as an indication of how much raw metal we need to purchase to plan for the coming month.

It’s Okay I think I will just record the weight from the Purchase Order onto a spreadsheet and just delete the PO straight away rather than waiting until the orders arrive. That way I don’t have to keep asking to change the lock date.

Well, @Lyvia, you have discovered a bug. I will enter a separate bug report. Sales orders should also be covered by the lock date.

As for putting metal weight into purchase prices and deleting purchase orders, both are complete misuse of the program. I believe I can say with confidence you are on your own with those practices. The program is not likely to be modified to accommodate such things.