Remove custom fields

Successfully added my bank details to my invoice. However there are appearing just after the physical address yet i want them at the bottom of the invoice. I am using version 20.7.52. how do i remove/delete custom fields?

Tinashe Furusa

Using the same method you did to add them

Custom fields usually appear t the bottom of documents so I suspect that you did not use a custom field

Thanks for responding. Used settings>company details>. Want the bank details to appear at the bottom of my tax invoices. Cant remove the information despite deleting the text

To remove a custom field, you need to delete the content in the field on every single transaction where any content appears. Then you can delete the custom field itself.

It sounds like you created a custom field for Business Details. So that field appears where the business details appear. If you want the information to appear at the bottom of sales invoices, you need to create a custom field for sales invoices. That custom field will only appear on sales invoices (assuming you check the box to show on printed documents).

thank you very much. I have managed to remove the custom field. The bank details are now appearing at the bottom of the invoice. My only challenge is that I have to capture the bank details each and every time I invoice. Is there a way to circumvent this minor challenge? Furthermore want to add the word Tax to Invoice, to read TAX INVOICE and centre it

For custom field content that you want on every invoice, see Set form defaults | Manager.

To change the form title, see You can also set this as a default.

Centering the title requires a custom theme. See Change the look of forms with themes | Manager. You will have to make many changes to make room for a centered title.