Refund from a supplier using an account

I’m not clear on how is the best way to document a refund from a supplier when the refund is deducted off the total value of an account. Obviously debit notes are not the solution here. I was hoping I could incorporate it into one entry in the payments section so the total value matches up with the payment from the bank account. I did consider putting in a negative value but that’s probably not very accountant like. Any suggestions?

What’s wrong with a debit note?

Would a debit note be suitable in a situation like this where the owing money is simply deducted off the value of the account when it comes due?

What I have been doing is including multiple purchases made in the account period then dating the group the same date as the value of the account is deducted from my bank account. That may not be the ideal way but it seems logical to me but it presents a bit of a challenge (for me at least) in including the refund sum, or will a debit note achieve that?

A debit note (see Use debit notes for supplier returns and refunds | Manager) is designed to do just that

A lot will depend on what the purchases were - inventory, services, goods

For an example of an early payment discount - Record early payment discounts on purchases | Manager