Reference numbers in static information in footers


I tried to use footers for my sales quotes via the footers. Here’s the input:

The output came something like this:

How do I get the reference numbers to be printed on the sales quotes?

See guides at

  • Reference is optional and may be used for internal or external sequences. If the box within the field is checked, Manager will number the transaction automatically. The program will search for the highest number among all existing sales quotes and add 1.

Hi eko,

Thank s for the reply. I’ve read the the guide that you gave. I still don’t understand what it means. Take a look at this when I add ’ before number 1 in my Remarks footer:

The outcome will be like this, the numbering appears with the ':

What do you mean by [reference number]?
Is it a number which you make and use for your client, or do you mean the number made by while using the program? Like a quote which has a reference number.

Please read the guide Add static information to transaction forms with footers | Manager

Especially note the empasised text at the beggining

Use the HTML paragraph tag <p></p> If you don’t want the space between the 2 paragraphs then use the HTML break tag <br> i.s.o. the </p> at the end of paragraph 1.

I’ve read the Add static info as referred by @Joe91, however, all my numbering in my remark footer did not show exactly what I have key in my content for my remark footer. Please refer to my earlier screenshot.

My question is as follows:
This is what I did when creating my Remark footer:

And this is what appeared in my sales quote:

Why number 1. and number 2. are missing?

I already gave you the solution so why aren’t you applying it?

Added to ideas. I’m actually working on ability to “inject” variables into footers.


The OP’s question is why the 1 and the 2 in the footer edit text box aren’t appearing in preview.

Any update on this?
I want use reference number added in Term and conditions page and in headers.

Just add <li type=1> before each line…

<li type=1> This letter is effective from Today
<li type=1> We will not be responsible for earlier periods before the dates described below in the Scope of Services,
<li type=1> We will not deal with outstanding returns, assessments and
<li type=1> other matters relating to earlier periods



I misunderstood this issue. Anyway, this has been fixed now.