Reference & Date order on documents

Good day @lubos

under Settings, the default Plain theme sample displays the Reference above the Date which is the preferred choice of most business because the reference has priority over date.

but for some reason all the forms display the Date above the Reference even when the Plain theme is selected. this behavior is generally acceptable only for tabs like Bank Reconciliation where the Date has priority over the Statement balance.

I am not sure if it was like this always but the Plain theme sample suggests it was not. can this be fixed so that the reference has priority over the date when displayed on documents which are majorly not for internal use of the business?

usually reference already have autoincrement numbering. So the request @sharpdrivetek asking usually the one does not using the feature. Manual.

@acecombat2 i am not talking about the entry form but the final document.

below is the screenshot when you click View on the default Plain theme under Settings.

below is a document recorded with the default Plain theme.


notice how the order of date and reference is reversed. this happens with all the inbuilt themes and therefore all custom themes developed from these inbuilt themes.

Now I get it. Inconsistencies. @lubos design flaw

looks like initially it was designed in a way preferred by most business which is proven by how the Plain theme sample is still displayed. but somewhere along the various improvements this changed intentionally or unintentionally.

Most likely of how the major changes in custom theme, introducing built in template vs without built-in template.

The big question is whether he weights heavily on user preference or not. Lot of ideas of mine and minor inconsistencies highlight usually misinterpret or intentionally ignored.

good luck.

Two points:

  1. The View screens for themes do not represent any specific transaction type. Compare such a view with any transaction—a sales invoice, purchase order, payslip, etc.—and you will see differences in column headings, content arrangement, and so forth. Those views are meant only to give a general representation of the appearance of a theme.

  2. Actual transaction forms begin with the date because every transaction or form has one. It is the first element in the fields array. Not all forms displayed by a theme have a reference or due date or related order or quote number, and if fields are blank, the field labels d not display.