Recurring payments with deposit and balance tracking

I am new to Manager, tired of QB but I like some of the functionality of QB, Manager seems a bit more straight forward to me. Moving to my issue:

I offer web design, which is done in milestones, and at each milestone a payment is made.
I cannot figure out HOW to do this properly. I have looked under different related posts but the links were dead. I am US/California ( west coast ) based. If anyone wants to lend a hand I would greatly appreciate it.

As you complete each milestone send an Invoice

When you enter into a service arrangement with a client that forms a contract. The contract may include a deposit and / or a schedule of progress payments based on milestones.

Invoices are a demand for payment, which are forwarded based on the agreed terms of the service.

Thank you. I figured that was the end result, but was hoping for more something automated.

If your milestones are of a fixed date nature, every Monday or 1st of the month, then under Settings you can set up Recurring Sales Invoices

Unfortunately, it’s not like that. I wish it was. :slight_smile:
I have another question, though and I cannot seem to find the answer. IF you
would be able / willing to answer.

Is there a way to add " Sub Contractors" to the main menu like “Employees” is listed?

Not to the main Menu but by using Custom Control accounts you can create an Accounts Payable sub-group of them.

  1. under Settings - Chart of Accounts - Balance Sheet add an account called Subcontractors, select Liabilities as the Group and tick the Custom Control box and for Made up of select Suppliers.
  2. Go to the Suppliers tab and Edit the Sub Contractor, under Control Account select Subcontractors.

Thank you again.