Recovered temporary backup is not opening in Manager

Please help me restoring my account. I run windows 7 disk cleanup utility and deleted temporary files. when tried to open Manager then it was empty so i realized that i have wiped all the temporary data including manager backup. I recovered those files and put it again in that default directory but when i opened it again then my account title was showing there but when i tried to open then i got the given errorr showed in screen shot. plz help me. i don’t have recent backup.

First, were you running the desktop edition before?

Second, what are you referring to, exactly, by “those files” and “default directory?”

Third, how did you try to open what? The program, your business data file directly, or something else?

Fourth, have you read and understood this Guide:

Fifth, backups should never be kept on the same machine as the primary data files. A machine crash will lose both primary and backup data. See