Records are not saved in Settings

This is happening onto two different Settings:

  1. Settings → Email Settings → SMTP server → create
    After adding the entries, the test for sending email was successful. But after pressing the create button, I cannot see the record on the page.

  2. Settings → Base Currency → create
    After adding the entries, I press the create button, but the record is not on the page.

Let me know if you need more info.

Please illustrate both with screen shots. And tell us which version number you are using.

Do you mean you are not immediately shown the page where you just entered information? Or do you mean that when you revisit that page there is nothing there?

There is nothing there. There is no record saved.

I am using version 22.8.6

Let me do it with the Base Currency first.

BaseCurrency_1 Image
Steps: Settings → Currencies → Base Currency

BaseCurrency_2 Image
Steps: Enter data on Code, Name and Symbol → click Create button

Then I am redirected to the currencies page after clicking create button.

BaseCurrency_4 Image
Steps: clicking on Base Currency from redirected page.

The BaseCurrency_4 Image should have my entry but I do not see it.


Updating the application removed the issues.

I downloaded the app just the other day.

Thanks for the hint,Tut.