Recording refunds cancelled orders

Suppose I ordered a computer mouse for 750 INR from Amazon and made payment from Bank Account of the company. This payment is being recorded as an Expense under “Computer equipment”.

Now suppose somehow the mouse was not delivered and Amazon refunded the amount into the Bank Account after say 4 days. Where this refunded amount should be recorded? I’m confused as it cannot be income obviously. Any suggestions? I’m new

make a payment received and use the same expense account as you used for the purchase “Computer equipment”?

Ok yes… I was assuming that too. Just want to clarify that if no other entry is present in “computer equipments”, in summary “Computer Equipments” should show Nil (hyphen) as Cr. and Dr. are equal. Am I right ?

You might like to setup a separate test business where you can experiment with different transactions.

In fact you can just enter transaction into your business and if the result isn’t what you expect, then you can delete it and try something else.

There is plenty of information in the guides, so make sure that your read them as well

Ok I used a new test business. The only expense is a Computer Equipment of 500. That too was refunded to the same account. In Summary Tab “Computer Equipment” shows Nil and after clicking the Nil Hyphen, The Computer equipment account shows two entries equal and opposite. I guess it’s as expectes.