Recording money reversed by bank

I have a very annoying person who pays the bills. I have the following situation.

Bill for origin for $200
27/10 - they paid $200
27/10 - they paid $200 again
27/10 - they paid $200 again
27/10 - they paid $200 again
7/11 - received $200 back into account from origin
13/11 - received $400 back into the account from origin

SO basically only the $200 has now been paid but how do i show all this in and out of the bank account?

Allocate all these transactions to Customer credits account (don’t forget to select customer). Manager will automatically handle the rest.

but this is for a supplier bill that was paid…not a customer

Sorry not really sure what you mean here

Are you using Purchase Invoices tab to record bills from suppliers? If yes, then allocate all those transactions to Supplier credits account. If no, then allocate all transactions to relevant expense account.