Recording a currency conversion rate

Hi - I saw this post and thought, “Brilliant!”

I uploaded v14.8.27 and checked our Purchase invoices. £0.01 Overpaid was still showing for a number of the invoices.

I checked the Journal entry used originally to balance the transaction.

I edited the journal entry increasing the Debit and Credit amounts by £0.01 each…

Unfortunately, the result was not what I was hoping for.

I hope the next iteration of multi-currency will resolve this issue.

Did this ever get implemented? If so, how do I use it as I haven’t found it!

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I did implement it but the feature hasn’t been released yet. There is still visible progress though, you can now see how Manager translates between currencies and what exchange rate has been used. In previous versions, the original amount and exchange rate wasn’t shown.

The idea is that the rate under Exchange Rate column will be clickable and you will be able to change it so £500.00 received in GBP bank account could equal to €620.00 matched against EUR invoice instead of automatically calculated €618.62.

I need a few more hours to finalize this before releasing. Then it will probably be good idea to delete journal entries you have created as a work-around and adjust exchange rates.


The latest version (14.11.0) now allows to override exchange rate on transaction-level

Nothing fancy, exchange rate is clickable so it can be changed if required.


Great News! - Many thanks Lubos
Now I just have to adjust the previous tansactions and get rid of the journal entries.

Thanks, Lubos, will download and heck it out in a few moments. Your work on this program is very much appreciated.

OK, I think I might be being a bit dim here but I’ve gone back to an old purchase invoice to implement the exchange rate change but I cannot find anywhere to actually input it! Using V14.11.4 - what am I doing wrong?!

Thanks, Lubos.

@Rob_Darling, what are you trying achieve? Why you need to set exchange rate on purchase invoice? Generally you would use this feature only when recording payment against invoice where invoice is in different currency than the payment.

Hi Lubos,

I did say I might be bit dim here!

OK, so when I bought my items from abroad I entered my purchase on a purchase invoice with all amounts showing in US Dollars. I then paid the invoice but there was a discrepancy in the amount paid in GBP which I then added a journal entry to balance it up.

I’m just trying to locate the point at which I can input the exchange rate for that particular purchase invoice so that I may remove the journal entry to make the books a little tidier. However, I’ve tried tracking all possible transactions for this purchase invoice but am unable to find anywhere where I can modify the exchange rate for the transactions.

I hope this makes some sort of sense? It’s not the end of the world if I can’t use it but as you’ve spent so much time implementing it, it almost feels rude not to use it! :wink:

Hi Rob

I see your post was 12 days ago. So, if you have already figured this out, It may help someone else.

To change the exchange rate on a previously paid invoice:

  1. Select the Purchase Invoices tab.
  2. Navigate to the invoice for which you want to edit the exchange rate.
  3. Click on the blue figure in the Amount paid column.
  4. This will take you to a screen showing the bank payment and the balancing journal entry.
  5. Calculate the new exchange rate - USD Invoiced divided by GBP Paid
  6. Click on the blue Exchange rate shown in the bank payment.
  7. In the Exchange rate screen enter the new exchange rate that you calculated and Click Update.
  8. The bank payment should now match the amount actually paid.
  9. Edit the Journal entry and select Delete.

The invoice should now be fully paid and the bank payment should be for the correct amount.

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Hi Lubos

We now have all of our Purchase invoices correctly paid. It makes the accounts much easier to explain :).

Do you have any plans to extend this functionality the Expense Claims?

Thank you for explaining this. I tried just about everything trying to find out how to do it but not once did I think to click on the blue amount in the amount paid column. Doh! So easy when you know how. :smiley:

OK, so now I’ve adjusted the figure, it all works out perfectly, figures now tie up. But I’m left with a Currency Gain of £4.02. I’m not sure how this comes about and I don’t know how to get rid of it! Any ideas… anyone?!

I am a new user of Manager and I am enjoying it. I have a typical problem. I have set my base currency in INR. I have Import payments to make in USD. Since the conversion rate as on today is 1 USD = 63.85 INR, I have to enter it as 1 INR = 0.01566170712 USD to get accurate settlement of Invoices.

Is there any way where I can enter “1 USD = 63.85 INR” instead of decimal

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I am re-posting the same query as it is getting very difficult to record transactions.

"I have set my base currency in INR. I have Import payments to make in USD. Since the conversion rate as on today is 1 USD = 63.85 INR, I have to enter it as 1 INR = 0.01566170712 USD to get accurate settlement of Invoices.

Is there any way where I can enter “1 USD = 63.85 INR” instead of decimal"


I am using multi-currency and Fix exchange rate in Manager
but in Summary show another conversion rate , how may I Fixed it? How may I
entry customized rate?

We too do a lot of multi-currency transactions. As far as I am aware, the only way to achieve what you are looking for would be to set your base currency as USD. This is probably not practical.
The way we work is that we open a spreadshee along side of Manager. We use the spreadsheet to calculate the individual exchange rate for each transaction using the following formula:
Foreign currency amount / Base currency amount = Exchange rate
We then copy and paste the resulting exchange rate from the spreadsheet into Manager.
Generally, Manager seems very accommodating to data copied and pasted from other programs.

Hi @Lubos,

Is this available for Expense Claims?

This is old topic and multi-currency implementation has evolved a lot since then.

For example, if you are recording expense claim in USD which is paying for invoice denominated in EUR, Manager will ask you for the amount in both currencies directly on the form itself so it’s no longer required to edit exchange rate on transaction level elsewhere (as my previous answers implied some time ago).

I’m going to close this topic. Start new topic to ask specific questions as this topic is too old and a lot of information in it no longer applies.