Record fees/notes in Manager for future invoice


Is there a way to set a reminder or record fees that will be billed to a customer in his future invoice (without affecting the company accounting)?

In other words, sometimes customers pay my invoices without undertaking the bank charges (which we agreed they should). When this happens, I usually charge what I paid to their next invoice.
Currently, in order to not forget this point, I set a reminder on my calendar, but I would prefer to note all the expenses that I will invoice to the customer in later invoices (say bank charges but also fees for tasks already completed, reimbursements, etc) through Manager.

Maybe there’s a very easy way I haven’t thought of.
I could create an invoice and record all the fees under “suspense” until it’s time to send it to the customer, but this would affect my company accounting (assets, etc).

Any suggestions?


Read the Guide about billable expenses.

Hi Tut,

Before posting I did read the billable expenses guide. I tried to set them up as well, but looks like still affecting my accounting.
Can you give me an easy example of recording that i can follow?


You can’t expect actual accounting transactions not to affect your accounting. You’ve made expenditures. They will show somewhere. With billable expenses, they show as assets until invoicing, when they transfer to accounts receivable.

Ok then, I will try to use this way.