Reconciliation date in last column is12 months ago, but click on is correct

in the column for bank reconciliation the last date is 12/2016, but when I click on that I have the correct date yesterday which is 8/10/2018

What version number are you using?

Hi @Tut I was using the previous to this current one, I then updated, but it still shows as the last reconciliation date in the last column as not correct.
I will go back to those dates check my statement and go from there, but my reconciliations are showing as correct

Please be specific. Which version?

Also, please understand that reconciliation reports that show in the list are only definitions of parameters for those reports. They are not the actual data. You can delete one and then re-create it if it is still necessary. You can also just create a new one for the current date and see if you reconcile. If you reconcile now you’re reconciled.

I decided to go back to a back up a few days ago, re-entered my data, and now all good. I may have altered something back in that date, that was causing the error