Reallocation of part of funds received

One Club member accidentally paid twice for an activity ($90 each time) with both sums allocated by me as credits to the appropriate account. He then requested I transfer $44 as payment for a second activity and refund him the balance of $46. I have made the online transfer of $46 but am unclear how to “move” the $44 from activity 1 to activity 2’s accounts. I looked at ‘transfer money’ but can’t see how that will subtract $44 from activity 1 and place it in activity 2’s account. Thanks in advance for your help (I am a VERY basic user!).

You have two options,

  1. Go to the second payment and reallocate the 44 portion to the second activity. That payment would then have two Account Lines (a) 46 to activity one but later refunded and (b) 44 to activity two.

  2. Use a Journal to do the transfer - Debit activity one 44 and credit activity two 44

Transfer Money is only used to transfer “money” between actual cash/bank accounts, not for transactions between Chart of Accounts accounts.

Thanks very much for your incredibly prompt reply, Brucanna. The first option worked really well.